Hi-Fi Spitfires, Chaos 8 & Mouser

Entree:8 euro
Tickets:aan de deur

Hi-Fi Spitfires (UK)

Octane fueled old school punk from the UK. If Stiff Little Fingers and The Clash raised a family together it would be the 4 lads of Hi-Fi Spitfires! They’ll carpet bomb your ears with old school punk rock and leave you behind in a state of shell shock.

Chaos 8 (UK)

You wot!? Synths in punk!? Hell yes!! This Sunday Chaos 8 will bring their dark and brooding sounds to our stage. Veering between industrial, metal and punk Chaos 8 kick some serious ass!

Mouser (NL)

No pasaran! Mouser from Delft are clear which side they’re on. 110% anti-fascist, just the way we love it. Old skool punks spitting rage about hypocrisy, racism, and exploitative and egotistical attitudes in Dutch society. We completely and fully agree!