Post-Rock with Downriver Dead Men Go & Thistle Sifter

Entree:8 euro
Tickets:aan de deur

Downriver Dead Men Go

Downriver Dead Men Go is a cinematic post-rock band from Leiden and around. Their hightly anticipated third album Ruins has been released in November 2022. This album is anouther musical step forward for the band, showing a heavier side. The songs on Ruins have a wide dynamic range, from exploding guitart to a thin whisper, exploring the boundaries of various musical and filmic styles. cinematic post-rock in the truest sense!

Thistle Sifter

New album Circles is the follow-up to 2022’s debut A Spectral Moon, based on a serious cycling accident that literally catapulted Barnes into disarray in November 2020. Written during an extended recovery period and far from family and friends in England, Circles is inspired by personal struggles with health, acceptance and letting go of the past. Post concussion syndrome symptoms forced Barnes to live a secluded life out of necessity, and during this time music became the ideal therapy. The result is a powerful ambient instrumental record inspired by Brexit, Covid and the difficult, ongoing path to Barnes’ recovery.