Pesticide & Locura LP Release show support Verval & Crustenunie

Entree:7 euro
Tickets:aan de deur

Release party of the split LP of killer crusties PESTICIDE and LOCURA! Supported by VERVAL & CRUSTENUNIE.


PESTICIDE is a pretty friggin' epic melodic crustband from GENT and their music is inspired by anarchism, activism, DIY-culture and social themes. Stoked to have them in Leiden!


LOCURA come from Afval aan de Rijn and have been terrorizing the ears of unsuspecting Leidenaars for a long time in different incarnations. Expect harsh lyrics about societies ills, praying, puking and blistering riffs to kick your ass.


VERVAL come from BELGIUM too. Expect post/crust metal from Belgium. Verval paints a dark but honest picture of a grim future for us all. Which is rather bleak!


CRUSTENUNIE come from Leiden and play dbeat mixed with boemtakbeats. Likes: beer, friends, DIY, justice, hugging, bikes and crust. Dislikes: politicians, capitalism, fast cars, showers, misogynists and racists.