Book your own fuckin' life - a diy conference part 2

Entree:free (afternoon) / 8 euro (evening)
Tickets:aan de deur

The Dutch DIY-underground-community will meet again! Lot's of stuff to discuss, exchange ideas, tips and tricks and meet!

We will have a talk about anti-capitalism & financing your place and activities, diversity, solidarity, a DIY-venue as the kickstarter of your band/project. How did Vrijplaats Leiden found it's way to excistence? 'Equal programming': there will be a panel discussion with Eva van Meerten (Welcome to the Village, etc.), Francis de Souza (De X, Houtfestival, EBB music), Ivo van Rijswijk (Haarlem), Tamara Hasperhoven (Awkward Bookings/Innocent, Hengelo).

Daytime: free of charge - donations are welcome

  • 12:00 - Open
  • 13:00 - Tour through Vrijplaats Leiden
  • 13:30 - How did Vrijplaats Leiden found it's existence?
  • 14:00 - In small groups talk about these topics:
  • 1) Finance, Subsidies, taxes - how to deal with this? How to handle the paperwork? Are subsidies an option?
  • 2) What is 'DIY'? How does it relate to anti-capitalism, solidarity, volunteers, and how can a venue be a 'kickstarter' for a local scene and your own band?
  • Each topic 25 min.
  • Followed by short summary from each group
  • 15:15h - Break
  • 15:30h - Panel talk: Equal programming and solidarity in 'the scene'
  • 16:30h/17:00h - Finish with a drink & a snack

We continue where we ended back in 2019 in OCCii:

Come join us and think about the future and the now of DIY-booking and venues!

Language: depending on the crowd we might switch to English.

17:00 - 20:00 - Eatingcafe! Reservations from 17:00h! (€ 7,50 for a 3 course meal)

Evening program: 8 euro, starts at 20:00

Film on big screen: 'GROETEN UIT KOEKENSTAD' (45 min)

Dishes (Leiden/Amsterdam)


Black Box Red (Friesland)

high energy grunge duo

Lifeless Past (Den Haag/Rotterdam)

post-punk/darkwave duo

Also check the article on 3voor12 about the event.