Spetterpoep, Obstruktor & Slekt

Entree:6 euro
Tickets:aan de deur

The kids are NOT allright! Tonight we have three young and f*up bands that will channel all their rage and frustration on our unsuspecting (and for now still peacefull...) stage.


Spetterpoep is Haarlem's finest - or worst, depending on who you might ask. Rising from the bowels of the local grindcore scene these diy-kids will pummel us until our ears bleed.


Obstruktor have a bag full of filthy riffs and they're not afraid to use 'em. Expect a full metal thrash assault on what's left of your ears and neck - snap it or lose it!


Slekt for their part will give us some much needed no frills garagepunk. Zip tight, strap your laces, pull your boots up and meet us in the pit!