Riot Grrrl Punk Night - Clitteband / Waterschade / Panterprint

Entree:€ 6,-
Tickets:aan de deur

The 16th of September will be riot grrrl punk night. So: girls to the front!

Panterprint - panterpunk

Panterprint are five women from Utrecht, Arnhem and Hilversum on vocals, synth, bass guitar, electric guitar, and drums. Their songs include subjects like hangovers, sweat, dirty people, breaking up in IKEA and crying. During shows the audience dances so wild that they become dirty and sweaty in no time! Punks Not Dead radio in England loves their music.

Clitteband - Hilversum punk

The Clitteband are two women and two men from Hilversum. Their fresh, attractive style of punk attracts colourful and lively audiences. They played in various places all over the Netherlands. They are preparing to make an album. Their songs are varied. Some with influences like garage and grunge. Also fast and hard songs like Killversum Mediarat en Ich Bin Wasmachin. Young persons with old punk hearts!


Waterschade - riotgrrrl hardcore punk

Waterschade is a recently founded feminist Haarlem punk band of three riot grrrls and a male drummer. They attract enthusiastically pogoing audiences. Their songs are critical of social phenomena like capitalism, sexism and racism.